Hi everybody! I get tons of DMs asking why I don't put more pics on IG or more daring pics or thongs. This page explains.

The IG account for @jaclynn_marie_ is where I put back older photos from when they closed my first account. They closed it for showing too much and because showing too much when only 16. I don't want to lose another account and my followers so have to keep it kind of careful there. Thats my teenager account with pics from teenager days. I'm 20 now.

IG has turned prude and many teen girls that like to show off or teen models are getting accounts closed or being forced to take down photos. At IG they fucking act like a thong is illegal or some shit!

I started modeling in daring outfits at age 15 on this teen glamour model website TrueTeenBabes and most of the photos in the closed Instagram account came from there. They also closed the website Instagram account and the photographer's Instagram account. I also had my own fan club site back then but closed when I moved away with a guy (HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE!) and got a tattoo.

If you want to see my age 15 and 16 photos and videos you can get them at TrueTeenBabes. They even have a special to get thousands of photos and 60 HD videos for a giant discount.

I get half the money of you buy something there, so please do!

This is me in the advertising banner with my cute butt hanging out!

I'm putting some behind the scenes photos below from my model photo shoot days!